Lacave cave

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The cave was discovered in 1905 by local cavers, who were fascinated by the beauty of the place. Since then, it has become a must-see place for all nature and geology lovers.

Located only 30 minutes from the Lacave cave, our campsite is the ideal starting point to discover the underground wonders of the region.

Discover the Lacave cave: an unforgettable underground adventure

The visit to the cave begins with a funicular ride down through a 75-meter deep fault. Once downstairs, visitors are led through sumptuous rooms filled with spectacular geological formations. The Lacave cave is famous for its calcite crystal formations, which shine like diamonds in the light.

During the tour, visitors will also discover the cave’s beautiful underground lakes, where the clear water reflects the rock formations. Experienced guides are present throughout the tour to explain the geological history of the cave and to help visitors understand the formation of the different rock formations.

Lacave cave : a geological masterpiece sculpted by time

The Grotte de Lacave is a real underground labyrinth, which extends over 13 kilometers. It is composed of several spectacular rooms, some of which reach a height of over 20 meters.

The cave is famous for its incredible geological formations, which have been sculpted by water and time. Stalactites and stalagmites are the most famous formations, but there are also columns, draperies, calcite cascades and many other geological wonders to discover.

Unforgettable family vacations in our campsite near the Lacave cave

The Lacave cave is a geological masterpiece that absolutely deserves to be visited. It is a magical and fascinating place that reminds us how beautiful and impressive nature can be.

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